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King for a Day

Malik is a boy in Pakistan who has one day a year that he rules! Basunt! The day of the kite festival!

Rukhsana Khan

30 Minute Program



What every young boy wants more than anything else is power aAnd that's no different for a boy like Malik who uses a wheelchair.

In this uplifting story Malik trounces the bully next door, captures a myriad of beautiful kites with the help of his sister and brother, and then helps a little girl who's been victimized.

At the end of the day, Malik is triumphant, and begins planning for next year, next Basunt when insha Allah he will be king again.

About the Author

Rukhsana Khan was born in Pakistan and grew up in North America. She has thirteen books published that have won numerous awards and been published in many countries.

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