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Learn to read and write Korean in 45 minutes!

Can you write your name in Korean? Hangul may look hard, but it's actually easier than the ABCs! With just a few minutes and fun games, I can help you master it! Perfect for K-Pop fans, kid codebreakers, world travelers, or just anyone who wants to learn a neat new skill that will impress people for the rest of your life!

Ryan Estrada

45 Minute Program



When I first moved to Korea, I expected learning the Korean alphabet to take me years! But fifteen minutes into studying, I realized that I could already read and write! That's because unlike other writing systems that evolved over thousands of years, Hangul was invented by one man named King Sejong who wanted to make the simplest, easiest to remember writing system in history.

My system for remembering it wound up so useful that I found myself drawing it out on napkins ten times a week for people eager to learn. To save a few napkins, I made a comic called Learn To Read Korean in 15 Minutes. It immediately went viral and taught Hangul to millions of people all over the world! It was so popular that someone even opened a bootleg Learn To Read Korean in 15 Minutes-themed restaurant in China!

Now, for the first time, you can get a one-on-one class with me to do an in depth lesson that will teach you everything you need to know!

Here's what we'll do!
  • The Original Learn To Read Korean in 15 Minutes LIVE!
  • Fun new games to practice what you learned!
  • Learn to WRITE in Korean!
  • Write your name in Korean!
  • Q&A about whatever else you want to know on the topic!

About the Author

Ryan Estrada is an Eisner-nominated, bestselling, award-winning author, artist, and adventurer who travels the world making comics. He started submitting comics to newspapers at age six, and has since written for Star Trek, Popeye, Garfield and Flash Gordon. His graphic novel Banned Book Club was named one of the best books of 2020 by NPR!

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