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Let's Have Fun in Paris!

Marielle is a mouse with moxie! She may be small but her ideas are big. Marielle is a fashion designer in Paris and when she is given a commission to create nine fancy dresses, she travels around the city for inspiration. But later, when, a big wind scatters her unique creations, Marielle must overcome her fear of heights to fly high above Paris on the back of her pigeon-friend Pierre, to find them. Let's fly to Paris--and then hover above the city with Marielle, looking for her lost dresses and exploring this most gorgeous city.

Maxine Schur

45 Minute Program



Marielle in Paris is a delightfully comic adventure story of a brave heroine and it is also a loving homage to the beautiful city of Paris. In my engaging, interactive, program, I enhance storytelling with activities that spark artistic creativity and imagination including a fun guessing game. We'll also talk about how everyone has fears, how shy doesn’t mean timid and how being afraid of something doesn’t mean you’re not brave.

This program’s activities touch on psychology, geography, vocabulary development and encourage a child's imagination, artistic creativity and observation.

2019 Northern Lights Book Award for Best Picture Book in all Categories

Marielle in Paris " a simply delightful picture book for children ages 5 to 8. The collaborative work of children's author Maxine Rose Schur and impressively skilled illustrator Jeanne B. de Sainte Marie, "Marielle in Paris" is decidedly and unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections where it is certain to become an enduringly popular addition."- Midwest Book Review

About the Author

Maxine Rose Schur is the author of award-winning children’s books and teaches the craft of children’s book writing at conferences and colleges nationwide. As a former professional actress, Maxine provides, dramatic engaging storytelling and fun, interactive activities for children from preschool to young adult. Maxine is also an award-winning travel essayist. Maxine holds a BA in Dramatic Art from the University of California and a Masters in Liberal Arts from Stanford.

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