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Meet the Author of the Little Witches Series

Ask all of your questions about Lila and her magical friends, what it's like to draw pictures for a book, or what my favorite color is? Any questions you have, I'll answer. We can even color while we talk too!

Emmie B.

30 Minute Program



I am the author of the children's chapter book series the Little Witches and in this program your child can ask all their burning questions about all things magical and mundane. I am a self-published author, so we can talk about what that's like. I also illustrated the books, and I can talk about the process if that is something that interests them. We can also color during this conversation to help break the ice and make your child feel more comfortable talking to someone they don't know.

About the Author

Emmie B. is the author of the Little Witches series and the Middle Grade series Butterpond Mysteries coming out in 2021. She has been writing stories since the second grade and loves that she gets to share her worlds with readers like you! When she’s not writing, Emmie B. is usually taking care of the chickens, dogs and cats that live with her and her family on their farm. She loves to read, bake, and do fun crafts when she has time.

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