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Virtually meet the illustrator of Georgia ABC's: A Finding Milo Book, written by Chris Jespersen and illustrated by Josie Toney. Georgia ABC's is the first in a series of alphabet books featuring the state's plants, animals, cities and landmarks. Readers can have fun finding Milo, the curious and sometimes hiding dog.

Josie Toney

30 Minute Program



Georgia ABC's: A Finding Milo Book
Written by Chris Jespersen, Illustrated by Josie Toney

Brown thrashers Nash and Nell explore Georgia on their search to find Milo, the playful dog who loves to hide. From the Okefenokee Swamp to the poultry capital of the world, join the state animals and travel around Georgia. Will you help Nash and Nell find Milo?

Explore Georgia’s curiosities and wonders with this story in verse that will help even the most reluctant reader learn their ABC’s. Mixed-media illustrations will spark children’s imagination as they also learn about Georgia’s geography and history.

Meet the illustrator! She will read the story to your child/children and talk about making the book come alive. Enjoy one-on-one interaction with the illustrator in an experience where you can make the session your own.

About the Author

Josie V. Toney is an illustrator with a surrealistic style that is whimsical and bright. Her work comprises a variety of mediums including acrylic, pastels, watercolor, marker, color pencil and graphite.

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