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Mindfulness for Kids with Lauren Grabois Fischer and The Be Books

As a mom and elementary educator, I have always prioritized nurturing the "whole child." I did not learn what mindfulness was until I became an adult. It is now my goal to help my own children and all children learn how to speak kindly to themselves and to others. It is my hope that through my book series, The Be Books, children will be able to grow up in a kind, accepting, positive, and grateful world. Join me as I spend a half hour with your child and read my book, The Light Within Me, perform some fun activities together, and answer any questions that they have. You can learn more about my book series by visiting my website or by searching for me on Instagram and Facebook @thebebooks Looking forward to having a creative, fun, and mindful session together.

Lauren Grabois Fischer

30 Minute Program



This program is a 30 minute session with me, author Lauren Grabois Fischer, the founder and author behind The Be Books. This will be 30 minutes that will be fun, educational, silly, MINDFUL, positive, and all around a wonderful time. I will be sharing with you my book, "The Light Within Me" and talking about the power that we have as individuals. We live in a beautiful world and it is up to us to share light, kindness, positivity, and gratitude with ourselves and with others. You will need a pad of paper, a pencil and crayons, and we will create a fun activity that you can continue even after our session is done. We will talk about gratitude and being in the moment. I always allow for time at the end so that you can ask any questions that you want to ask. I remember when I was in 5th grade and I went and saw an author speak at a local school. It has remained with me my whole life and I remember feeling empowered and knowing that I wanted to share my words with the world. I hope to inspire YOU to BE your best self.

About the Author

Lauren Grabois Fischer is the author behind, The Be Books, a children's publishing company that creates books to empower and inspire children to be kind, accepting, positive, grateful, respectful, and to love who they are. There are six currently published books written by Lauren Grabois Fischer: Be Who You Were Meant To Be, You Are A Superhero, Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots, Love Grows Love, The Light Within Me, and Life.

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