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Mustangs: Wild and Free

Wild horses still roam freely in some of the mountain and desert ranges of Wyoming. I'll share their stories with you. Together we'll write a mustang poem, and then you'll get to create your own leather bookmark or bracelet.

Cathy Ringler

45 Minute Program



The wild and beautiful mustangs have roamed the mountains and deserts of Wyoming for over 200 years. I am fortunate to live close to 2 of their ranges so I have some interesting stories to share. After learning about mustangs, we will write a mustang poem and then participants will create a leather bookmark or bracelet, complete with an image of a mustang!

Materials Needed:
  1. Pencil and writing paper or notebook
  2. Sharpie markers (permanent variety) in several colors

* Special note: Program should be booked 2 weeks in advance in order to receive up to 4 bookmarks or bracelets. If booked later, participants will receive instructions to complete the leathercraft after the session.

About the Author

Cathy Ringler is a storyteller, cowgirl, and retired teacher. She lives at the foot of the beautiful Beartooth Mountains and rides in them as often as her busy schedule will allow.

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