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My Day in Space or on the Moon!

From Classroom Teacher to Author, & Illustrator, I come to embrace imagination through storytelling. “Embracing imagination" is the name of the game for young writers. Diann shares an overview of the Moonlings in Tycho Town, characters and pets. Diann shows actual objects you might see while traveling to the moon.

Diann Floyd Boehm

30 Minute Program



Sharing and imagining with the author

Diann shares:

  • how she comes up with her stories and first the idea she wants to get across in a story.
  • highlights of her books the Little Girl in the Moon and the Moonling Adventures.

Engaging through Visuals and Q & A

  • Illustrations are shown in the development of the stories.
  • Pictures are shown of what they might see traveling to the moon: for instance the international space station, the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Pictures of things on the moon, for instance, Moon Rocks, Craters, Dust to help the young authors’ imagination with their own stories.
Imagine = leads to Purpose of the Story

Story Starter ideas
* Where would you to go in Tycho town?
* Which pet would you like to play with, Shadow, Lola, or Moxie?
* Would you travel on a spaceship or enjoy walking on the moon, or maybe go to different places in Tycho Town?Storytelling = Embracing Imagination

About the Author

I am a former pre-K thru elementary teacher and a technology teacher in grades 1-8. I love the art of storytelling and recently brought my stories to print. I have four books published, The Little Girl in the Moon Series, Harry the Camel, and several in the pipeline with the publisher.

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