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Our Constitution Rocks!

The Constitution! Why it matters, what they were thinking, what it's done for you lately, examining the document that leads our nation, written by then 14-year-old Juliette Turner, Youth Advocate for Constituting America, edited with a prologue by Kim Childress (me :).

Kim Childress

45 Minute Program



Creating this book was an entirely new, different, difficult, and hugely important undertaking!

Examining every clause and amendment of the United States Constitution (the book not this presentation), this presentation highlights why this document is so important--to the US and the world. Why the US Constitution matters more than ever!

  • What is Political Science?
  • Nonpartisan look at the creation of the US Constitution
  • Why it matters, nonpartisan look at elections 2016 and 2020
  • How social media has changed the study of political science
  • The Branches of Government
  • The unofficial fourth branch of government--the press
  • Importance of Freedom of Speech
  • Why this document is important to the entire world--not just written by some old men in tights!

The book breaks down each Article and Amendment into understandable sections, including What it Means, What They Were thinking, Why Should I Care, and What Has it Done for me Lately? Also includes actual debates by the Founding Fathers at the time, quotes, and much more.

Description of book from publisher

Juliette Turner, Youth Advocate for Constituting America, takes a unique look at our founding document, presenting it in a beautifully organized fashion, with helpful illustrations and sidebars that support the main ideas. Packed with tons of easy-to-read, easy-to-understand information, Our Constitution Rocks breaks down the Constitution article by article into manageable sections in a way everyone can read and understand—students and parents alike.

Our Constitution Rocks is for a new generation, a reminder of what it means to have a voice and live free. It still matters to kids today. Find out why.

Our Constitution Rocks:

  • Is presented in an easy-to- use format that makes the Constitution easy to understand
  • Includes fun facts, quotes, cartoons, actual debates, great graphics, and much, much more
  • Breathes new life into an old document, reminding readers young and old why it remains one of the most important documents in world history
  • Is an ideal teaching and reference tool for homeschooling or school libraries

Participants receive one free copy of Our Constitution Rocks! Compliments of, an online children’s bookstore, fully launching March 2021.

About the Author

Product Developer, Children's Publishing,; Book Reviewer, Girls’ Life Magazine Former Middle Grade Acquisitions Editor, Zondervan, HarperCollins 30-year Member SCBWI Author, Award-winning Editor, Consultant, Speaker BBB A+ fully affiliated, Technical & Professional Services

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