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Picturing God: Hear, See, Imagine

Listen to the quiet poetry of Ruth Goring's Picturing God, and talk with the author-illustrator about these rich biblical metaphors that help us know God better.

Ruth Goring

30 Minute Program



Picturing God is a Christian faith formation book for children--and adults too! Enjoy a read-aloud and conversation with the author, considering what it means that God is a Mother, a Father, our Light, our Rock, our Bread of Life. Questions about the book's intriguing mosaic/collage art are also welcome.

Appropriate for a single child, a small group, or even a whole Sunday school class.

About the Author

Ruth Goring writes and illustrates books for kids focused on social justice, Christian faith formation, and just plain fun. She lives in Chicago but grew up in Colombia, so she's fluent in Spanish. Ruth loves making art with children and listening to their stories and questions.

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