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Play with Your Words: A Science Poetry Workshop

Explore nature in a poetry workshop with science poet Leslie Bulion! We'll have fun writing together in this small group workshop for up to 8 attendees.

Leslie Bulion

45 Minute Program



Let's explore nature through poetry!
In this program I introduce young writers to my poetry process, sharing cool science stories with rhyme, rhythm, and fun. We'll brainstorm and write a science poem together using critter info and LOTS of wordplay. Once we've created our group poem, young writers can work on their own critter poem individually, or with a writing buddy. Then it's sharetime showtime!

I'll be answering questions and helping young writers throughout our session.

I will send the group a PDF of questions and research suggestions to help get writers' creative ideas flowing before our session.

Participants should come prepared with:

blank paper
a pen or pencil
a critter in mind for their own science poem
answers to PDF questions about their critter based on prior knowledge and/or research

For schools, libraries, and larger group programs please see "Virtual Visits" listings on Leslie's website.

About the Author

Leslie Bulion creates award-winning science poetry steeped in hands-on learning experiences, field observations, research, humor and imagery in a variety of poetic forms. Her illustrated collections inviting readers on multi-layered science adventures include AMPHIBIAN ACROBATS, SUPERLATIVE BIRDS, LEAF LITTER CRITTERS, AT THE SEA FLOOR CAFE: ODD OCEAN CRITTER POEMS, and more! Leslie’s science background and years as a school social worker inform both her poetry and her science-infused novels for young readers. Stay tuned for SPI-KU: A CLUTTER OF SHORT VERSE ON EIGHT LEGS coming in March 2021 from Peachtree Publishing.

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