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Poetry Games to Free Your Wild Mind: Fun Games to Develop Creativity and Voice

Make poetry fun and engaging with these quick "wild mind" writing games that will help you develop creativity, get new ideas, and surprise yourself with your writing. Through these games, we'll explore poetic skills like voice, imagery, descriptive language, rhythm, and rhyme. All you need are paper, pen/pencil, and a willingness to let your mind go wild.

Todd Mitchell

45 Minute Program



In this fun, interactive program Todd shares some of his favorite ways to inspire creativity while helping even the most reluctant writers discover the joy of playing with words.

By the end of the program, participants will have created a couple short, surprising poems. Participants will also learn techniques for improving their creativity and their writing.

All you need to participate are paper (at least 2 sheets per writer), pen/pencil, and a willingness to discover new things with words.

There are games for all different levels of writers, from 4th grade through adult. Age appropriate poetic skills will be explored.

This program can be done in with any number of participants, but the smaller the group, the more individual attention writers will get.

About the Author

Todd Mitchell is an award-winning author and teacher. His books for young readers and teens include The Last Panther (Random House), The Traitor King (Scholastic Press), The Secret to Lying (Candlewick Press), and Backwards (Candlewick Press). He teaches creative writing at Colorado State University.

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