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Pro tips for Drawing and/or writing

This one can be catered to the specific needs or wants of the audience - but, basically, Kevin will try to give more of a master class in how he writes and draws and what YOU can steal from him to make your own art better.

Kevin Sylvester

45 Minute Program



Kevin has written and illustrated more than thirty books for children (and even a couple for their parents). He's learned a lot about what works, and what doesn't.

He will lead a session tailored to what YOU want to know. Want to draw better cartoons? Kevin will cover everything from his basic approach to advanced techniques.

Want to know how to write better? Kevin will talk about everything from how to find ideas to how to structure your story so that you can actually finish it.

(disclaimer: this isn't a "how to get published" seminar. Every artist has a completely different answer to how they 'made it'. Kevin can share his story, but there are no shortcuts. Work hard at being the best you can.)

About the Author

Kevin Sylvester is an award-winning illustrator, author, and broadcaster. He illustrates and writes books for all ages.

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