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Let's talk—reading, writing, story, whatever you're interested in! Choose one of my books you'd like to know more about and let your curiosity be our guide.

Beth Anderson

30 Minute Program



I can read one of my books to you and talk about how the idea became a book. We can discuss the craft of writing. Or chat about the elements of story. We can talk about research. You can ask questions. Let curiosity be your guide to learn more about what's behind the creation of a nonfiction or informational fiction picture book!

About the Author

Beth Anderson, a former English as a Second Language teacher, has always marveled at the power of books. Armed with linguistics and reading degrees, a fascination with language, and penchant for untold tales, she strives for accidental learning in the midst of a great story. Beth lives in Loveland, Colorado where she laughs, wonders, thinks, and questions; and hopes to inspire kids to do the same. Author of AN INCONVENIENT ALPHABET (S&S 2018), LIZZIE DEMANDS A SEAT! (Calkins Creek, 2020), and “SMELLY” KELLY AND HIS SUPER SENSES (Calkins Creek, 2020), Beth has more historical gems on the way.

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