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Smartphones and Computers! How are they made?!

We take a look underneath the glass and plastic of tablets and laptops into the world of SOIC and Friends. We will look at actual circuit boards and semiconductor chips and how they are assembled into the tools and toys your use every day.

Jeff Dunnihoo

30 Minute Program



From talking pigs to steam engines and rockets, children’s books cover a huge range of topics that are rarely part of a child’s day to day life - but what about the microchips that make up the toys and electronics they play with every day?
For a free and fair technological society to flourish, it is critical that all kids are at least introduced to what's under the hood in their high-tech laptops, tablets and smartphones, just as they need to learn about birds, trees and trains or letters, colors and counting.
We look at how microchips are assembled on circuit boards inside these machines and help children think about the “teamwork inside." This "chip teamwork" is a result of the difficult engineering task required to not just make one device work, but to make millions of them per month work right the first time and every time they are turned on. SOIC and Friends helps make this complex subject fun and approachable for kids.

About the Author

Jeff Dunnihoo is an electrical engineer with over a dozen patents, papers, and textbooks on semiconductor and system development. Jeff's SOIC and Friends children's book series introduces kids, parents, and teachers to what's under the hood in their high-tech laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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