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Story Time for Animal Lovers

Fun and funny animals take center stage in this interactive story time with the author!

Anica Rissi

30 Minute Program



An interactive story time and Q&A with author Anica Mrose Rissi, who will read you one of her fun and funny picture books, share how her stories are shaped and inspired by her love of animals (and her many pets!), and encourage you to create stories filled with the things you love.

About the books:

The Teacher's Pet by Anica Mrose Rissi, illustrated by Zachariah OHora
Mr. Stricter always wanted a pet. But when Bruno starts wreaking havoc in the classroom, it’s up to the kids to solve one BIG problem!
"A guaranteed chuckle for any grown-up who’s ever had to take care of the class 'pet' for the weekend." —USA TODAY
"Bound to make any child giggle." —Deseret News

Watch Out for Wolf! by Anica Mrose Rissi, illustrated by Charles Santoso
Piggle, Piggleton, Piggit, Piggums, and Pigbert are throwing a party and there is so much to do—but SHHH—watch out for Wolf!

“A gently subversive plot twist ends this story with [spoiler redacted], providing a funny resolution to the genuine suspense conjured by Santoso’s richly colored, cartoonish illustrations of adorable little pigs in various states of wide-eyed panic.” —Publishers Weekly

Love, Sophia on the Moon by Anica Mrose Rissi, illustrated by Mika Song

Life on earth isn't fair, so Sophia and her cat are off to the moon, where there are no bedtimes, no time-outs, and no moms—but there are moonberry tarts with asteroid tea, moonicorns, starfish, and plenty of moongames to play.
While she’s there, she writes letters to her mother…and her mother writes back.
“Readers will love it to the moon and back.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This lovely, funny, tender story exhibits incredibly clever storytelling….It’s terrific for representation of both cultural and family diversity, and it has excellent altruistic and guilt-free messaging about how a parent can get upset with a child but still love them—quite literally—to the moon and back.” —Booklist

The Anna, Banana chapter book series by Anica Mrose Rissi, illustrated by Meg Park and Casey Kuo
Eight books about a kid named Anna, her wiener dog, Banana, and the ups and downs of having two best friends in elementary school.
"Fast-paced, fun, and funny." —Megan McDonald, bestselling author of Judy Moody
"Will appeal to fans of Clementine, Ivy and Bean, or dachshunds." —Atlanta Journal-Constitution

About the Author

Anica Mrose Rissi is the award-winning author of more than a dozen books for kids and teens, from picture books through young adult novels. As a former book editor turned full-time writer, Anica has spoken with kids and adults across the country about all stages of the writing process, from ideas and drafting to revisions and beyond. Her essays have been published by The Writer magazine and the New York Times, and she plays fiddle in and writes lyrics for the band Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves. Talking with kids and teens about books and writing is one of Anica's favorite parts of being an author. She lives in Princeton, New Jersey and Deer Isle, Maine with her very good dog, Arugula.

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