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Sunday Rain Storytime and Craft

Storytime with Elliott, the dragon from his book, the brave princess and the making of new friendships. What is the power of imagination? In my book, SUNDAY RAIN, Elliott discovers that making new friends is like reading a new book -- you just have to plunge into the adventure!

Rosie Pova

30 Minute Program



During our time together, we will read Sunday Rain and talk about the inspiration of the story. Props and fun discussions about new friendships, being the "new kid" and the power of imagination will follow.

Next, your child will help me name the rest of the characters in the book (since they do not have names in the story), including the dragon and the princess from Elliott's book.

Finally, we will do a fun rainy day craft to be proudly displayed on the home fridge gallery or a special creativity wall in the house.

Materials Needed:

1. The child's copy of Sunday Rain (preferably)

2. Construction paper

3. Crayons

4. Cotton Balls

5. Glue

6. Umbrella

7. Pillow

About the Author

Rosie J. Pova is an award-winning children's author on a mission to inspire children not only to read and write more, but to use their creativity, follow their passions and dream big.

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