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Technology and STEM: HOW do you want to live when you grow up?

Ask yourself HOW you want to live while you grow up, not the old “WHAT do you want TO BE." Kids are being driven toward robot competitions and 'learning to code' when there are myriad careers available in tech beyond just the mythical rockstar coder and lead designer/inventor. Success takes teams, trials and time.

Jeff Dunnihoo

45 Minute Program



You don’t have to be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to contribute to technological innovation. There are millions of people who are critical to the development, manufacturing and distribution of technology who are not even scientists or engineers. We will learn about surprising careers in garment design, for example (for comfortable ESD-safe work clothes, space suits, etc). Other STEM careers also include: Semiconductor Designers, who develop chip functions, System Designers who integrate boards and boxes, Fabrication Teams that build devices from raw materials, Manufacturing Teams that build and test systems, Programmers who develop software, Marketing and Sales Teams that sell the components and systems
And now in the post-COVID era, how will working at home for design and manufacturing work in the future?

About the Author

Jeff Dunnihoo is an electrical engineer with over a dozen patents, papers, and textbooks on semiconductor and system development. Jeff's SOIC and Friends children's book series introduces kids, parents, and teachers to what's under the hood in their high-tech laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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