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The Civil War Soldiers Musical Instruments

The Times of Abraham Lincoln is a 45- 60 minute, interactive celebration in music and story of the Civil War and the Commander-In-Chief of the North: Abraham Lincoln. Folk Singer, Storyteller, Musician and Music Historian, Mike Anderson brings the music of the American Civil War to life using Civil War era instruments of the men who fought the war. Stories of the formative years of the young man who became the 16th President will be artfully interwoven to create an educational, entertaining and memorable event. Mike Anderson is one of the premier Mountain Dulcimer Players in the country with six instrumental dulcimer recordings to his credit. From North Carolina to Louisiana to the Abraham Presidential Museum, Mike makes traditional and modern music come alive. A truly beautiful entertaining and educational program. While band instruments are most often seen with the music of the Civil War, multi-instrumentalist Mike Anderson will use the banjo, mountain dulcimer, jawharp, bones, and other handmade instruments to bring the songs alive.

Mike Anderson

45 Minute Program



About the Author

Musician, singer, mountain dulcimer player, storyteller, writer, author, workshop leader, educator, emcee The combination of music, storytelling and humor has made Mike Anderson one of the most sought-after speakers and performers from the Atlantic coast to Canada to the Gulf and all points in between. Internationally, Mike Anderson is part of the MMC Starlight/Encyclopedia Britannica International Storytelling Music and Storytelling Carnival in Taiwan for both years of its existence. Under the auspices of the Illinois State Board of Education, Mike has conducted many workshops for developing literacy through the art of storytelling. His Early Childhood shows are legendary. As an author and an elementary school teacher of 39 years, Mike earned accolades from his current principal who said, “He is a superb communicator, master teacher and an exceptional leader in any setting.” Mike Anderson holds an MA in Education from Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL. He has won numerous awards including two Parents’ Choice honors, Outstanding Educator Awards, and a National Federation of Local Cable Programming children’s programming award for the television show he wrote and hosted. Anna’s Old Boot, an audio collection of original short stories and songs, received a Recommended Honor from Parents’ Choice and a Gold Honor from the Children’s Music web and iParenting

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