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The Making of a Story: From Idea to First Draft

How do you find ideas for your stories? Let's explore together! What happens next with a good idea? Crafting a story is a process where each step is important, but it could also be a bit tricky. Not to worry -- we can make each element of a good story fun and easy to follow!

Rosie Pova

45 Minute Program



Let's talk about creating a story and explore the possibilities together! From idea, to character and setting, problem and resolution, we'll take a journey in the land of storytelling. We'll ask questions, find answers, unleash our imaginations, brainstorm beginnings, middles, and ends as we combine craft and fun into this workshop experience. Budding writers and booklovers will get a chance to co-create with me, read, draw, and make story magic! Bring your materials and get ready for some creativity blast!

Materials Needed:

1. Paper

2. Crayons

3. Favorite picture books

4. Stuffed animals

About the Author

Rosie J. Pova is an award-winning children's author on a mission to inspire children not only to read and write more, but to use their creativity, follow their passions and dream big.

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