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The Nature of the Character (A Character Creation Workshop)

***COMING SOON***Ever wondered how authors create their characters? Want to learn what they don't teach you in school? Join British children's fantasy author and former teacher J. A Browne as she takes you on a journey of discover to create your own magical character using the power of nature and shares her own character creation secrets.

Jane Browne

45 Minute Program



Being both a children's fantasy author and highly experienced teacher, J. A Browne embeds imagination and discovery into a nature-based learning journey for young creators. The program offers unique insights into her own character creation and development and teaches budding authors how to do the same.

Each participant of the creative group will receive a set of PDF plans to use during the session. No printer? Don't worry - guided explanations of the resources can be provided beforehand to recreate on your own notepads.

There'll also be a short reading around a key character from her series The Earth Chronicles to spark the imagination.

The session is a practical workshop to ensure each young creator gets the most out of the workshop. Questions, discussions and reflections will take place during the workshop. Nothing needs to be perfect - this one of the messy bits of being an author so be prepared to scribble!

Materials Needed:
  • PDF packs printed out - one per participant
  • Extra paper or notebooks
  • Pencils/coloured pencils
  • Ruler
  • Eraser

Recommended Ages
6 - 12 years

About the Author

J.A. Browne is a bestselling British children’s author and former primary school teacher with a Masters in Creative Writing. Her middle-grade environmental fantasy series The Earth Chronicles launched in October 2018 with Hannah and the Hollow Tree, followed a year later by Gaia’s Revenge, the second novel in the series, twelve years in the making. She has since released her mini-series Ffen Tales. For every workshop booked, a tree will be funded via Treesisters as part of J A Browne's partnership.

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