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The Number Pi, Revolution, and the Power of Math to Change the World

Learn some of the mathematics behind the fascinating number pi (the key to unlocking the secrets of the circle and for that matter many far-flung secrets of the universe). And explore, too, some of the history of this elusive number, which will take you into the life of Archimedes and also, centuries later, the life of his spiritual brother, Jurij Vega.

Amy Alznauer

30 Minute Program



I will begin by giving you a sense of the crazy, fascinating, and fabulously important number pi. We will try to estimate pi ourselves and explore various methods for homing in on the infinite decimal expansion of this number. (15 minutes)

Through an engaging multi-media presentation I'll share a little of the history of this number, and take you inside the story a wrote Pi, Vega, and the Battle at Belgrade, and then finally bring you up to the current research on pi. (10 minutes)

Finally, we can chat a bit and I'll answer any questions you have about the mathematics, history, and writing process behind this number and story. (5 minutes)

About the Author

Amy Alznauer’s writing has won the Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction and the Christopher Award.

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