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The Power of Words & Imagination

From Classroom Teacher to Author, & Illustrator, I come to embrace imagination through storytelling. * Power of Words = Descriptive, Action-packed * Puzzle = Writing is like putting a puzzle together….. * A workshop in story development * Write an outline of a story(s) and/or develop one story

Diann Floyd Boehm

30 Minute Program



Program Details
Diann shares:

1. how she comes up with her stories and the idea she wants to get across in a story
2. "Words, Words, Words" - examples of words and synonyms
3. putting the words together like a puzzle
4. examples of sentences - weak and strong
4. the beginning authors are given time to write down several ideas of a story….

Diann shares different book titles and the purpose of each story -

Examples from well known stories:
A Monster Under My Bed
The Shepherd Boy
Daisy the Cow

Answering the questions:

Who is the story for:
* Age
* Location
* Time of day
* Time period
* Main character
* The purpose

Time is given for the beginning authors to look at the ideas of stories they came up with and decide which one they would like to develop today answering the above questions.

Based on that discussion the beginning authors can do one of the following:

1. outline the rest of the story ideas they had answering the above questions

2. take the story they have outline and just start writing what comes to them not wearing about grammar order of the story just write.

Wrap up


About the Author

I am a former pre-K thru elementary teacher and a technology teacher in grades 1-8. I love the art of storytelling and recently brought my stories to print. I have four books published, The Little Girl in the Moon Series, Harry the Camel, and several in the pipeline with the publisher.

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