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The Write Stuff: Discovering the Hero in SUPER JAKE... and in You

Everybody loves heroes, and we need them now more than ever. Luckily, there are plenty of heroes in SUPER JAKE & THE KING OF CHAOS - if you know how to find them. And after we talk about what makes a hero, you might even find one in your own mirror.

Naomi Milliner

45 Minute Program



What does it mean to be a hero? What does it take?

Would you rather meet a hero, or be one? is about all sorts of heroes: superheroes, superstars, war heroes… and even everyday heroes, like brothers.

Super Jake & the King of Chaos is about all kinds of heroes: superheroes, superstars, war heroes... and even everyday heroes, like brothers.

There are three brothers in Super Jake, and they’re based on my own three sons pictured above. There’s 11-year-old Ethan, a talented magician determined to meet his hero, Magnus the Magnificent; 7-year-old Freddy who loves superheroes, Stars Wars – and his brothers most of all; and 2-year-old Jake who has special needs. Jake can’t talk or walk, yet still touches everyone he meets.

Spoiler alert: all three brothers are heroes… they just don’t know it.

In this Talkabook session, we’ll explore what it means, and what it takes, to be a hero. Chances are, you might just be one, too.

About the Author

Too short to play basketball and too squeamish to be a surgeon, Naomi Milliner decided instead to pursue the glamorous career of children’s book author. Her debut novel, Super Jake & the King of Chaos, is loosely based on life with her three sons, the youngest of whom had special needs. You can read more about Naomi and her sons here:

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