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In your 30 minute session, I will read the book you have selected and have an interactive discussion after the story. If you select the full length memoir, I will read snippets followed by an interactive discussion. Three book selections to choose from: 1) Everything Is Going to Be All Right - A Book About Hurricane Harvey 2) Dolly Does Her Job 3) Out of My World, Into Theirs - A Memoir on Overcoming Deafness

Susan Langlois

30 Minute Program



Three options: select one.
First I will read my book, Everything Is Going to Be All Right. Then I will discuss actual experiences with Hurricane Harvey and how the book came about.
Read I will read my book, Dolly Does Her Job. Then I will discuss how the real Dolly was rescued and trained to help schoolchildren.
I will spend the time discussing my book, Out of My World, Into Theirs (full length memoir), providing real life experiences from the book chronicling my journey from deafness to the world of hearing.

About the Author

I am a hiker, biker, thinker, and WRITER! My books have a central theme of hope - with kindness and fun sprinkled in.

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