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What Kind of Leader Are You?

Exploring the differences between being an advocate and an activist. We'll discuss what social injustices are and where they occur. Attendees will need paper and a pen or pencil.

Tina Shepardson

45 Minute Program



I'll read WALKOUT and discuss the similarities and differences between acting as an advocate or an activist. We'll explore types of issues people stand up for, peaceful ways to approach every topic, and ways to become involved within their communities. There will be time for Q&A, and an invitation to participate in their own advocacy/activist campaign.

About the Author

As an award-winning teacher for 32 years, Tina Shepardson has shared thousands of books with children. As a passionate advocate for children and reading, she finds her best stories are inspired through her favorite roles in life: mother and teacher. Her debut picture book, WALKOUT, centers on being passionate about social justice topics in ways that unite others! Tina uses her love of words and teaching to write about topics that inspire kids to the best they can be. She lives in Upstate New York with her family, enjoying the latest snowstorm with her Akitas.

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