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Writing and storyboarding for animation

Writing for animation has some similarities and some differences to writing for a book. I have experience in both and would love to take you through the steps to prepare you for developing an animated film.

Penny Harris

45 Minute Program



I have had years of experience creating short animations on film, a number of which I was lucky enough to win national and international awards for.

When I started my animation career a very long time ago, I spent six months working under a camera in a dark room for each five-minute film I produced. Luckily, you won’t need to this today, but the principle is still the same. You need a great story, strong characters and an understanding of the moving image.

Where do you start? I am here to help you sort this out. Bring me your concept and we will discuss how to turn your idea into a film script and storyboard. This is quite a fun project as animation lends itself to big imagination and lots of crazy ideas.

The time you spend with me will help you to get started on your animated film. Not included in this meeting with me is tuition in the use of computer-generated animation. I will teach you about script writing and storyboarding as a beginning to creating your own animated videos.

About the Author

My name is Penny Harris and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have been telling children’s stories for a very long time and look forward to helping you tell yours. I have been an award-winning animator, children’s author and digital media director.

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