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Writing Sports and Action Scenes

Learn how to write gripping action and sports scenes!

Emma Kress

45 Minute Program



Readers love a good action scene—whether it’s a car chase, a fist fight, the first game of the season, or the State Championships. We love to root for our main character in these moments of physical struggle. But in order to do that, we need to care about the characters, set the scene, and describe the action in a way that is clear and engaging. And what if you’ve never been in a knife fight or won that trophy? In this workshop, you’ll discover the ingredients of a successful action/sports scene, develop the tools you need to write one, and have time to practice and put those tools to work—even if you’re not an international spy or Olympic athlete.

This price is for 1-5 students. I'm happy to discuss pricing/program length for up to 50 students.

About the Author

Emma Kress is an author and a long-time award-winning educator. She has taught workshops to students in grades 3-12.

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