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You’re a Story Magician!

Each of you have stories to tell or write or draw, so let’s get started! Through word games from Marsha’s popular “Funshops” we will get warmed up. Then Marsha will read one of her stories, provide story prompts for a magical story of your own, and share her much-loved Storymagician Chant.

Marsha Diane Arnold

45 Minute Program



Marsha’s "Funshop" games include Four-line poems, the Silly Alliteration Game, and writing a “Scribble Story” together. We may also read her Dolly Parton Imagination Library Book Roar of a Snore, then have you write Roar of a Snore 2 with a different main character and setting. Come join her as we take a walk through words and stories and learn more about how each of us is a unique Story Magician.

Marsha has been called a “Story Magician” herself by the media. “Way out in a mysterious land, there lives a magical woman named Marsha Diane Arnold. Known to many children of the land, Arnold is a magician of literary innovations, which is to say that she is a writer. Arnold’s stories are funny, and exciting, and make you feel stuff. What’s especially wonderful about her books is their underlying attitude of affection and respect…”
- David Templeton

About the Author

Called a “born storyteller” by the media, Marsha Diane Arnold’s award-winning picture books have sold over one million copies and been called, “heartwarming,” “whimsical,” “uplifting,” and “great read-alouds.” Her books have garnered honors like Best First Book by a New Author, Smithsonian Notable, and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Her recent bilingual Galápagos Girl’s honors include Green Prize for Sustainable Literature, Campoy-Ada honor book, and the 2020 Little Read Lakeshore Community Read. Badger’s Perfect Garden’s honors include the Growing Good Kids Excellence in Children's Literature Award. Marsha’s primary joys are family, books, and nature, which are reflected in her books.

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