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You're An Author Too!

From giving a giraffe a back scratch to dancing in toilet paper to revising, students come to learn that their writing process isn't much different from mine. We're ALL authors! (This program is intended for school groups.)

Sara Shacter

45 Minute Program



Students often don't view themselves as true writers/authors. But they are! After our day together, they'll see that we are fellow creators. Components of this highly interactive visit include:

Which Fact Isn't a Fact - Via a true/false game, students guess which wild and wonderful facts I
uncovered while researching. The results may surprise them!

Sara Shacter's Dirty Laundry - By sharing my revisions (a.k.a. my “dirty laundry,” on an actual
clothesline!), students learn that my writing process is not so different from their own and that even professionals make mistakes.

Toilet Paper Brainstorming - Students help me generate similes and metaphors…and I may or may not dress up in a toilet paper wedding dress.

The Art of the Illustration - Not many people know that the illustrations in a book are revised, just
like the text. Students get to see examples of how my wonderful illustrators’ art evolved.

About the Author

Sara F. Shacter’s credits include the picture books Just So Willow (Sterling) and Heading to the Wedding (Red Rock Press), as well as pieces in Highlights for Children, ASK, World Book’s Childcraft Annuals, Click, and several anthologies.

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